Our policies explain how we go about our work and protect our clients. 


Our Privacy Policy explains how we use and store information. ADACAS is committed to ensuring that the security, privacy and confidentiality of the personal information of ADACAS clients is respected and protected. Our Privacy Policy can be accessed below:

Download the ADACAS Privacy Policy  

Equal Employment

ADACAS is an “equal opportunity” employer.  We will not unlawfully discriminate against anyone in our recruitment, training, development and promotion practices. We are committed to ensuring we employ the people who are the most competent in their personal attributes, skills, experience and qualifications, and who are committed to promoting, protecting and defending the rights and welfare of people made vulnerable through disability and age. 

Priority of Access

ADACAS seeks to provide advocacy to as many people as possible. From time to time operational pressures impact our ability to take on additional advocacy clients. Our Priority of Access policy provides us with additional guidance about restricting intakes when we are unable to meet demand. This ensures we assist the people who are most in need.

Feedback and Complaints

ADACAS welcomes feedback. Your feedback might be a comment about how we can improve our service delivery or a compliment about our service. ADACAS is committed to giving complaints a high priority and responding confidentially, fairly and promptly. You can provide feedback to us using our feedback form on this website, or send your comments to our Service Delivery and Quality Manager via mail, email or telephone. Our Feedback and Complaints Policy can be accessed below: