Employer Confidence


Employer Confidence builds better businesses

Employing people with disability can help create a stronger workplace culture, strengthen recruitment and retention opportunities, and enhance your business’ community image.

Most workplaces already people with disability, but many don’t know it. With some small adjustments and easy new habits, you can strengthen recruitment and retention and achieve better productivity for your business. With employer confidence, your workplace will thrive.

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We can help you create an inclusive workplace.

We aim to retain and grow employment opportunities for people living with disability and mental ill-health by working with employers to build their knowledge of disability and erase myths and uncertainty.

By increasing employers’ understanding we help businesses discover the benefits that people with disability can bring to their business.

We offer support across the employee lifecycle:

Attraction ·      Being an appealing employer

·      Writing position descriptions and job ads

·      Reaching the right candidates

·      Using case studies and inclusive language


Selection ·      Enabling all great candidates to apply

·      Organising accessible interviews

·      Understanding new starter requirements

·      Assessing the cultural fit


Onboarding ·      Building an inclusive culture

·      Training and professional development

·      Disability-confident managers

·      Clear pathways to seek support

·      Workplace accommodations or modifications


Retention ·      Maintaining an inclusive culture

·      Managing new or changing needs

·      Performance management

·      Rewards and recognition

·      Measuring success


We work with employers and their staff to create inclusive workplaces focusing on a person’s abilities and potential, identifying any barriers or modifications required to help people with a disability to be successful in their employment.