Older Persons Advocacy

The ADACAS Older Persons Advocacy Team provides free advocacy for people aged 65 years and over residing in the ACT and Queanbeyan. Our specialist team also supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples who are aged 50 years or older.

How the Older Persons Advocacy Team can help you

Whether you live in your own home or reside in an aged care facility, the Older Persons Advocacy Team will support you to:

  • maintain your independence
  • connect with service providers that will meet your needs
  • identify and take action on elder abuse
  • express your values
  • make decisions about things that affect your life
  • have the dignity to take risks
  • resolve problems or complaints about aged care services.

Education about the rights of older persons

Our team runs seminars for both residents and staff of residential aged care 
facilities to explain:

  • the rights residents have under the Charter of Aged Care Rights
  • what Elder Abuse is and how to spot it
  • decision making mechanisms, including Enduring Power of Attorney.

You can find more information about the Enduring Power of attorney, Elder Abuse, and Services for Older Persons in the Canberra region on our Older Persons Information pages.

 ADACAS Legal matters for Older Persons page ADACAS Elder Abuse page ADACAS Services for Older Persons page     

Navigating the Aged Care System

We can help you navigate aged care home services and support offered through My Aged Care. Our free information service is available to eligible individuals, family members and carers. We provide information about the My Aged Care system on the ADACAS My Aged Care information page, and we also welcome your enquiries so we can help you navigate your way through My Aged Care, so you find support that meet your needs. We are able to assist you in person, by phone or by video link.

Contact ADACAS  ADACAS My Aged Care Information page

Make a referral for ADACAS to help you or someone you know with Advocacy

If you need our Older Persons Advocacy Team to assist you, or to make a referral for someone you support please use the button below, or you can contact us by either ringing or emailing us.

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