Supported Decision Making

Supported Decision Making is when one person gives another person the support they need to participate in a decision. 

Everyone has the right to make decisions about the things that affect their lives. Having choice and control over decisions that affect you is vital to ensuring your equal participation in life, just like having Braille on an ATM gives a person who is sight impaired the ability to access their money when they want to, or a wheel chair ramp gives equal access to everyone wanting to enter a building.

The amount and type of support you give to help a person make a decision is different for every person and each decision made. Supporting someone to make a decision is a valuable skill. Like any skill, Supported Decision Making can be learnt, practised and improved. 

ADACAS uses a Supported Decision Making model in all parts of our work.


How the Supported Decision Making Team can help you

We can help you to become a more confident decision maker and a more confident supporter of someone making a decision. We are able to help you with an individual decision consultation, or help your organisation become more confident decision supporters through educational seminars and practical workshops.  

Contact ADACAS to find out how our Supported Decision Making Team can help you, or see our Customised Services pages to view our consultations and workshops which can be tailored to meet your needs.

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Resources for Supported Decision Making 

You are welcome to use the resources we have developed to help you go through the decision making process, whether you are the decision maker or the supporter of a person making a decision. 

Our Supported Decision Making website explores the act of making a decision, including:

  • who has the right to make a decision
  • thinking about your values when you make a decision
  • getting the right support to make a decision
  • what to think about when weighing up your options
  • managing risk.

Find out more about making a decision using the link below.

ADACAS Supported Decision Making website  


Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that this video contains images and voices of people who have passed on.

My Decision Making Toolkit

ADACAS has developed a Decision Making Toolkit providing a step by step guide for people to use when they have decisions to make. It includes questions and reminders to think about when you make a decision.

Being a Decision Supporter

If you are the supporter of a person making a decision, you will need to think about how you will: 

  • explore a decision with the person you are supporting
  • use a person’s support network to support making a decision 
  • document the support used in making a decision 
  • document the decision.

Find out more about how to be a decision supporter using the link below.

ADACAS Supported Decision Making website


ADACAS has created free factsheets to help you support someone through the decision making process, they cover:

  • ● facts about making decisions
  • ● tips for supporters
  • ● mapping a support network
  • ● making a decision support card.