Local Disability Organisations

The following ACT based organisations provide support, information, and work to improve the lives of people with disability:

Imagine More

Imagine More works with families to realise better life chances for their family members with a disability. Their focus is on raising expectations through conferences, workshops, webinars and 1:1 support to develop vision, agency, leadership skills and the networks necessary for people with disability and their family members to lead ordinary meaningful lives.

Ethnic Disability

Ethnic Disability promotes the rights and concerns of persons with a disability from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, their families and carers living in the ACT.

Phone 6255 2671

Mental Health Community Coalition

MHCC represents the community managed mental health sector in the ACT. MHCC undertakes mental health policy development, workforce training, sector development and promotion of the role of community services in recovery from mental ill-health and wellbeing.

Phone 5104 7710

Women with Disability ACT

WWDACT works with ACT organisations to improve the status and lives of ACT women with disabilities, focussing on health, equity, violence prevention, housing and safety.

Phone 0468 324 695

Advocacy For Inclusion

AFI provides short term advocacy support for ACT residents with a disability or who have mental ill-health. They also can assist with NDIS reviews and external appeals, and help people tell their story to the Disability Royal Commission.

Phone 6257 4005

ACT Down Syndrome Association

The ACT Down Syndrome Association provides support and information to families, schools, carers and employers to improve the quality of life and remove barriers for people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities in accessing mainstream services.

Phone 6290 0656

ACT ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society

The Society provides support and information to people affected by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), medical practitioners and the public in the Canberra region.

Phone 6290 1984

Deaf ACT

Deaf ACT promotes and supports pride in the Deaf community, recognition and acceptance of communication methods preferred by Deaf people and recreational activities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

ACT Deafness Resource Centre

The ACT Deafness Resource Centre offers information, resources and advocacy to the deaf and hearing impaired communities in the ACT. Community members can access their services by dropping into the centre, or having a workplace or home safety assessment. Centre personnel are also available to visit aged care facilities to assist residents with their hearing devices. The centre also sells a range of assistive technology.

Eyes for Life Canberra

Eyes for Life Canberra offers help and support to people of all ages who have been recently diagnosed with a vision impairment and are experiencing vision loss. They offer the opportunity for you to discuss your condition, ask questions and develop strategies to help you maintain your independence.

Phone 6176 3470

Epilepsy ACT

Epilepsy ACT connects and advocates for people with epilepsy, provides current epilepsy information, and delivers education and awareness programs to promote understanding of epilepsy in workplaces and schools.

Phone 6287 4555

Inclusive Volunteering

Volunteering ACT runs an Inclusive Volunteering program designed to help people who experience barriers to volunteering have a meaningful volunteering experience.

Phone 6251 4060