Concession cards

Older persons in the ACT are eligible for one or more of the following cards which help with the costs of medical care, prescriptions and mental health services. The cards can also be used to obtain discounts on other goods and services.

Veteran Card

The Veteran Card replaces the Veteran Gold, White and Orange Cards. All medical, mental health treatment and pharmaceutical entitlements remain the same under the Veteran Card. The Department of Veterans Affairs website explains eligibility criteria and the entitlements for each card.

In most cases the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will automatically send you your card. If you need to apply, you can apply online using your MyGov account, or call Veterans’ Affairs for a claim form.

Phone 1800 VETERAN or 1800 838 372

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

To meet the eligibility criteria for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card you must:

• have reached pension age
• be an Australian resident and live in Australia or hold a special category visa
• not receive a payment from the Commonwealth Government
• meet the income test.

The card helps with the costs of healthcare and prescriptions. You may be able to use it to obtain concessions on ACT Government services.  The card is valid for 1 year and is replaced each August if you are eligible.

Pensioner Concession Card

The Pensioner Concession Card is available to older persons who receive the Aged Pension. Receiving other payments from the Commonwealth Government can also qualify you for the Pensioner Concession Card. The card helps with the costs of healthcare and prescriptions.

You do not need to apply for the Pensioner Concession Card, if you qualify it will be automatically sent to you.

The Pensioner Concession card is valid for 2 years, and if you receive the Aged Pension, you will automatically be sent a replacement card every two years on your birthday.

ACT Seniors Card

Permanent residents of the ACT who are aged over 60 and have paid employment for less than 20 hours a week are eligible for the ACT Seniors Card.

Cardholders are entitled to benefits and discounts on a wide range of goods and services provided by the ACT Government and private businesses.

The card is combined with a MyWay transport card, allowing the one card to give you access to bus and light rail transport concessions and Seniors discounts.