The Experience of Disability

Workshop Summary

In this workshop we cover:

  • the diversity and prevalence of disability
  • historical perspectives of disability 
  • the experience of living with a disability
  • the human rights frameworks that underpin inclusive practices.

Learning Outcomes

Workshop participants will understand:  

  • the definition of disability is contested, diverse and uniquely personal
  • how historical perspectives of disability still influence our community today 
  • structural and attitudinal barriers have a disabling impact
  • what life is like for people living with a disability in Australia today.

Target Audience

Any individual, volunteer, business or organisation wanting to learn more about people in their community.

Delivery Method

Workshops can take place over Zoom or on Microsoft Teams software.
In person workshops will take place at a location convenient to you, this might be your home, a health care setting, or your workplace.

Workshop Fees

Each workshop is customised to meet the specific needs of the workshop participants. Our facilitators draw on their expertise and lived experience of disability to provide a practical, relatable and informative workshop experience. Workshops are on a fee for service basis.

Resources Supplied to Workshop Participants

A printable booklet with workshop slides, activities and information for participants to use as a reference to enhance their practices in the future.