SDM Consultations for NDIS Participants

Each NDIS participant has a unique need when being involved in decision making. To reflect this, our consultations will put the person with a disability at the centre of all decisions that affect them. These decisions might be in relation to:

  • living arrangements
  • educational pathways
  • employment opportunities
  • engagement of supports
  • guardianship
  • NDIS goal setting and funding requirements.

We will customise each consultation to meet your specific needs, exploring the decision to be made and providing the support you require to make a decision. Once we have a gained a thorough understanding of your values and preferences, we will work with you to support you through the decision making process and to build your decision making capacity for the future.

Consultation Outcomes

Our consultations will provide you with the following outcomes:

  • independent support when you have to make a decision 
  • a greater understanding of your rights to take risks 
  • being at the centre of the decision making process
  • enhanced identity as a decision maker 
  • documentation of your decision.

Target Audience

NDIS participants and their families, carer’s and supporters.

Delivery Method

Workshops can take place over Zoom or on Microsoft Teams software.
In person workshops will take place at a location convenient to you. This might be your home, a health care setting, your workplace or a residential aged care home.

Consultation Fees

As each Supported Decision Making Consultation is customised to meet your specific needs, the consultations will be on a fee for service basis.

Resources Supplied to Workshop Participants

A documented decision using our Decision Making Toolkit.
Me and My Decision Form
A Decision Support Card