Online SDM Seminars

The Office for Disability has funded the ACT Disability, Aged, Carer Service (ADACAS) to provide online information sessions about Supported Decision Making to the community.

These are hour long practical sessions where you will learn about:

  • Decision making rights
  • The importance of decision making
  • Comparing Supported Decision making and Substitute Decision making
  • Supported Decision Making processes
  • The different roles decision supporters can have
  • The most important factors in Supported Decision Making
  • Tips to make Supported Decision Making easier
  • The resources and tools available to support a decision

Who should attend

These sessions will be useful to people with disability and the people who care for and support a person with a disability.

Seminar Information

Our next seminar is at 12:30pm on 25 June 2024, this session will be repeated at 12:30pm the 13th of August and 24th of September. 

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