Advocacy for Older People

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Older people have rights. It’s important that anyone who uses aged care services knows about their rights and can stand up for them. Many older people need the support of an advocate to get the services they need and have their rights respected.

The process of finding out about and accessing aged care services can be complicated and confusing. An advocate can help you to understand your options and take the steps needed to get aged care services. Advocates can also help you if you are not happy with the service that you are getting.

ADACAS provides advocacy for people in the ACT living in aged care facilities, and people who have in-home aged care services.

We will

  • provide you with information and advice about your rights and responsibilities;
  • support you to be involved in decisions affecting your life;
  • assist you to resolve problems or complaints in relation to aged care services; and
  • promote the rights of older persons to aged care service providers and the wider community.

At ADACAS we know that some older people experience elder abuse. Elder abuse occurs when someone in a position of trust (usually family, friends or a care worker) causes a person physical, psychological, sexual, emotional, or financial harm or neglect. Find out more about what we can do to support people experiencing elder abuse and to prevent it, by contacting our aged care advocacy team.

ADACAS also provides training on various aged related topics for a fee. The training that we are able to provide includes Elder Abuse Prevention and Cross Cultural Competency training. If you are interested in ADACAS providing training for your organisation contact our office for more information.

Older Persons Advocacy Network

ADACAS is a member of the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN).  ADACAS is pleased to be able to continue to provide older persons advocacy through OPAN.  OPAN is a network of advocacy organisations dedicated to improving the lives of Australia’s older, and most vulnerable, people. We provide a national model of advocacy, education and information to people using or needing aged care services.

Aged Care Complaints Scheme

The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner provides a free service for anyone to raise their concerns about the quality of care or services being delivered to people receiving aged care services funded by the Australian Government. ADACAS can assist if you need an advocate to help you to make a complaint.

My Aged Care

My Aged Care helps you find the information you need about aged care services.

This can be as simple as calling the My Aged Care contact centre on 1800 200 422 or visiting the website. My Aged Care provides you with information about:

  • different types of aged care services;
  • eligibility for services;
  • how we understand your aged care needs and help you find local services to meet your needs – you are able to select your own service provider;
  • costs of your aged care services, including fee estimators.

Find Out More

Adacas provides help and support to people with disabilities, the elderly and their carers.

Advocacy is about helping a person to be heard in the decisions that affect their life. Advocacy aims to increase a person’s control over goods, services and quality of life

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