Guided Workshops for Practitioners

Workshop Summary

This workshop is offered to participants after completion of the Experience of Disability and Inclusive Work Practices workshops. In this workshop we cover:

  • in depth scenario analyses
  • participant case studies
  • the vision for the future. 

Learning Outcomes

The workshop will provide practitioners the opportunity to:  

  • reflect on changes made to their practices in the period since completion of workshops 1 and 2
  • review previous and current cases and learnings with their peers  
  • reflect on further enhancements they can make to their practices in order to work effectively with people living with disability.

Workshop Requirement

We encourage practitioners to bring case scenarios to the guided workshop for discussion.

Target Audience

Allied health practitioners, counsellors and support workers for people living with disability.

Delivery Method

Workshops can take place over Zoom or on Microsoft Teams software.
In person workshops will take place at a location convenient to you, this might be your home, a health care setting, or your workplace.

Workshop Fees

Each workshop is customised to meet the specific needs of the workshop participants. Our facilitators draw on their expertise and lived experience of disability to provide a practical, relatable and informative workshop experience. Workshops are on a fee for service basis.