Disability Royal Commission Legal Services

When you make a submission to the Royal Commission you may need to get legal advice if: 

  • you want to name a person or organisation in your submission
  • there are restrictions on telling your story to the Royal Commission because you have previously signed a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement
  • you are worried that by telling your story, you might affect your (or someone else’s) safety, access to services, employment or rights
  • you think you might disclose something that you did in the past that might be illegal or wrong 
  • your story involves a current or past court matter.

Your Story Disability Legal Support Service

The Your Story Disability Legal Support Service has been set up to help you with any legal issues you might have when you tell your story to the Royal Commission. It operates nationally and is independent of the Royal Commission. It can provide free independent legal advice on individual matters to:

  • people with disability 
  • their families 
  • carers 
  • supporters and 
  • advocates. 

You can contact the Your Story Disability Legal Support Service:

  • over the phone by calling 1800 771 800 Monday – Friday from 9:15 am to 5:15 pm (AEDT)
  • by calling the free Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 if you need an interpreter
  • by using the National Relay Service if you are deaf or hard of hearing.

National Relay Service  

The Your Story Disability Legal Support Service lawyers will make sure you know your legal rights and give you options for engaging with the Royal Commission. These situations may include: 

  • making a submission 
  • being registered to speak at, or participating in a community forum 
  • providing evidence at a public hearing 
  • sharing information about your experiences at a private session.

Legal Fees

You may incur legal expenses if you are requested to appear before the Royal Commission, for example, you might be: 

  • called, or granted leave to appear, as a witness at a hearing of the Royal Commission 
  • requested to attend an interview of the Royal Commission 
  • complying with a notice to give information that will be used as evidence in the Royal Commission 
  • complying with a notice to produce issued by the Royal Commission. 

In these instances, the Attorney-General’s Department may be able to help you with the costs of legal representation, and travel and accommodation expenses you incur due to your appearance before the Royal Commission. Follow the link to the Attorney-General’s Department’s website below to apply for assistance with the costs of legal representation.

Application form for payment of legal representation costs