Supported Decision Making

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Current Projects

Respect Know Act (RKA).

The RKA project will create change in the ACT Health Care System to make it more inclusive of people who require support to make decisions. RKA will embed supported decision making within health services to ensure people have the support they need to make health care decisions. It will ensure people with disability are connected and have the information they need to make decisions about their health.

The RKA project began in July 2017. It is funded through the NDIS ILC Program.   

Part of the project involves hearing about your experiences with supported decision making in healthcare as either a decision maker, a carer or a health professional. If you would like to tell us about your experiences with healthcare you can either fill out the appropriate 5-minute survey below or contact us at 



Past SDM Project Work


  • Spectrums of Support (Please see below for downloadable attachment)
  • Self Determination and Cultural Change: A Report on Supported Decision Making and People Experiencing Psychosocial and Intellectual Disability (Please see below for downloadable attachment)
  • Supported Decision Making, Psychosocial Disability and the NDIS (Please see below for downloadable attachment)
  • Support-my-decisions (Please see below for website link)
  • Link and Learn Project (2015-2017) (Evaluation of this project available below)


Supported Decision Making is for people who may need support to make decisions. They may need support because their decision making capacity is impaired due to age, disability, acquired brain injury or mental illness.

Supported decision making is also for people sharing their lives with a person who has impaired decision making. It offers a way to give support that enables the person with impaired capacity to live the life they would choose for themselves, regardless of their disability.

Supported decision making happens when one person gives another person as much support as they need to be involved in the decisions that are important to them. With support some people can be fully engaged in all parts of a decision. People with more significant support needs, or making very complex decisions, might be supported to express their will and preference. Whoever the person and whatever their decision, supported decision making recognises that, with support, all people can be engaged in the decisions that are important to them.


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Advocacy is about helping a person to be heard in the decisions that affect their life. Advocacy aims to increase a person’s control over goods, services and quality of life

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