Supported Decision Making Training

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ADACAS has made a commitment to building the capacity of our community as a whole to engage supported decision making. We believe that decision making is a skill that you learn - so is supporting someone to decide. Our training is available for individuals, families and organisations. Training is relevant to any person who works with or supports people whose capacity to decide is impaired.

At the conclusion of the training participants will:

  1. Be able to describe issues and concepts around decision making for people whose decision making capacity is impaired
  2. Recognise the scope of their role within decision support
  3. Be able to apply the principles for decision support to their work
  4. Develop confidence to recognise the decisions of others, support decisions, and promote their decisions to others
  5. Be able to model and promote decision support to others.

To find out more about supported decision making training, contact

Helen Connolly

This web site is for people who would like support to make decisions.

Use this web site to make decisions that give you more control over you own life.

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