Respite Effect and Recovery Grants now open for ADACAS clients

20 April 2021

The Respite Effect and Recovery Grants (the Grants), funded under the COVID-19 Disability Strategy, provide financial support to relieve pressures experienced in the home environments of people with disability and their families during the COVID-19 health emergency. If you’re a person with disability, or a carer or family member, you may be eligible to access a small amount of funding to help relieve the pressure experienced due to COVID-19. The Grants aim to support recovery from the COVID experience in aspects of everyday life and can be used to purchase items, activities or supports to a maximum value of $500. Funds can be used for purchases such as:

  • accommodation for time away
  • a subscription (online, magazine or newspaper)
  • domestic help such as a spring clean or garden maintenance
  • data or an electronic device
  • food (either through delivery, dining in or as take away)
  • support for starting or continuing an interest or hobby that contributes to a person’s wellbeing
  • other supports that will provide a respite effect or assist with your recovery.
For more information and to apply, visit Grants and Awards | Disability - Community Services (

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