What happens when you contact ADACAS

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Currently ADACAS is experiencing a high volumes of requests for support. In addition to meeting the usual eligibility of ADACAS the Priority of Access Policy is in effect.

This means a person must also be at immediate risk of the following:

  • Institutionalisation
  • Arrest or incarceration 
  • Losing contact with children 
  • Losing self- determination- this might include a mental health treatment order, guardianship or financial management order
  • Significant or severe abuse/harm- this might include financial, physical, emotional or sexual- to self or others
  • NDIS Administrative Appeals Tribunal 

We aim to respond to your request as soon as possible.

If you would like to seek information from an advocate you can speak to us over the telephone, email, meet us in the office or arrange for an advocate to come and meet you. If you would like an advocate to represent you or assist you with support coordination, your case may be taken to intake where the intake process will be followed. During intake we will learn as much as we can about the issue you are facing and what support you need. Each week we consider all advocacy and support coordination requests at an intake meeting. This is where the staff at ADACAS decide whether or not we are able to assist you.

ADACAS commonly receives more requests for assistance than we are able to take on. If we are not able to assist because our caseloads are full, we will seek to provide information, advice and referrals for other services that may be able to assist. We will keep your information private. Our privacy policy is available on our corporate information page.

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Adacas provides help and support to people with disabilities, the elderly and their carers.

Advocacy is about helping a person to be heard in the decisions that affect their life. Advocacy aims to increase a person’s control over goods, services and quality of life

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