Strategic Plan

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ADACAS Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022

ADACAS – Strategic Plan 2019-22




1.  Continue to adapt and respond to the changing needs of our clients and achieve excellence in service delivery


2.  Take a leading role to achieve social justice for vulnerable groups in the areas we serve


3.  Work with community and government to make the ACT more inclusive and responsive to diversity


4.   Continually improve and consolidate ADACAS’ core resources and management to support its future operations


5.  Review ADACAS’ corporate structure to support growth and provide safeguards against future challenges




·    ADACAS will increase the advocacy it provides to people from diverse backgrounds as a proportion of its overall advocacy

·    ADACAS consolidates the delivery of its quality services in southern NSW

·    ADACAS expands its range of services and their scope and reach within the areas it currently operates, in order to meet the growing and diversifying needs of clients

·    ADACAS has a succession plan in place that addresses the future needs for leadership and the delivery of high quality Advocacy



·    ADACAS has contributed its expertise and the experiences of its clients to the completion of the ACT’s Disability Justice Strategy.

·    ADACAS plays a lead role in the ACT in communicating the issues of older people and their families in the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

·    ADACAS plays a lead role in the ACT in communicating the issues of persons with a disability living in aged care and their families in the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

·    ADACAS plays a lead role in the ACT in communicating the issues of persons with a disability and their families in a Disability Royal Commission.

·    ADACAS has developed and implemented an annual communication and marketing plan which details the systemic advocacy campaigns it is engaged in and how these are to be run.

·    ADACAS has developed and implemented a mechanism to effectively and quickly escalate individual matters to a systemic level.



·    ADACAS represents the perspectives it gains from its ongoing work through membership of various ACT Government advisory groups, and other groups which promote the interests of disadvantaged people in the ACT.

·    ADACAS collaborates with key ACT and national peaks, networks and other groups to address areas of needs for vulnerable groups within the ACT and beyond, and is able to demonstrate outcomes from this work.

·    ADACAS has established collaborative relationships with university research centres and higher education institutions in the ACT and across Australia (and internationally where appropriate) to provide a platform from which to promote our knowledge and expertise on Advocacy and Supported Decision Making.

·    ADACAS has developed a co-design framework to inform its systemic advocacy and implement it for its future campaigns.



·    ADACAS develops and implements a quality management system which enables it to demonstrate compliance with relevant government standards and is auditable by external verification agencies.

·    ADACAS has internal systems and procedures which measure and support high quality Advocacy and high quality Support Coordination.

·    ADACAS develops a human resource strategy that enables it to recruit and maintain employees with skills and knowledge to support quality outcomes for clients.

·    ADACAS establishes an Australian Centre of Excellence for Supported Decision Making

·    ADACAS moves to secure its future through accessing revenue streams other than government and project grants.

·    The ADACAS website is enhanced to enable clients and potential clients to access information that can assist them.

·    ADACAS effectively uses social media to communicate to its clients and its other target audiences by social media.

·    ADACAS publicises its services and communicates with its clients and stakeholders using standardised formats which clearly promotes the ADACAS brand.




·    ADACAS has a revised Constitution that meets the organisation’s needs for the next 10 years

·    The ADACAS Board has developed a succession plan to ensure continuity of governance over the next 10 years

·    The ADACAS corporate structure has addressed how to effectively include the consumer voice within its governance and across its strategic management.

·    ADACAS has clarified the role of members and identified a strategy to recruit and retain members

·    ADACAS maintains reserves of funds which enable it to continue its core business if it experiences a loss of revenue

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Adacas provides help and support to people with disabilities, the elderly and their carers.

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